Holistic Support for the Covid-19 Vaccine

Dear Friends,

Many of you have reached out to me wondering if there are things that you can do to support your system before and after you get the Covid-19 vaccine, should you decide that it is right for your body to receive it.*

Eastern Medicine focuses on prevention, but it also is able to support your immune system in conjunction with using allopathic medicine.

As a general rule, our systems stay the healthiest when we are able to incorporate plenty of daily sunshine and whatever ways help you raise your vibration. Since we are all unique individuals, this will vary for all of us, but for me a walk through the forest every few days and chanting and dancing on the daily keeps me feeling my best. Listen to a great song here. It will help you raise your vibration, and stay true to your inner voice and self.

I also suggest the following supplements to boost the immune system before and after the injection, and really, always. Every individual constitution is different, so please reach out to me or another licensed healthcare provider for proper dosing.

  • vitamin D

  • omega 3 fatty acids

  • echinacea

  • vitamin C

  • zinc

  • probiotic

I suggest taking these at least one week or more before the injection, through the second (mRNA), and then at least one week afterwards. Truthfully, regular intake of these vitamins and minerals will do wonders for both your immune system and your nervous system.

And you do not have to get these vitamins and minerals through a pill. Your body will assimilate them more if eaten through food.

  • Did you know that just a handful of pumpkin seeds has nearly 50% of your daily recommended intake for zinc?

  • 1 cup of organic kefir has over 30 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria, not to mention calcium and magnesium

  • Wild caught fish is an excellent source of Omega 3s, which will make both your circulatory system flow more regularly and boost your mood as well.

  • Many studies have shown that Vitamin D levels play a huge part in how we are affected by Covid; just 15 mins of sunshine (as bare body as you can get it!) will help your body convert the UVB rays from the sun into vitamin D3 to support your immune system.

  • Eating organically grown fruits and veggies in season every day will give you plenty of vitamin C, not to mention many other vitamins and minerals.

Our bodies bloom with health and vitality when we eat foods that are Source-made, not man-made.

The closer we can get to eating in season, the way that nature intended it, the better. Think about how much better your body feels after a great and healthy meal, not to mention how much happier we feel, how much clearer our minds, our spirits more grounded to take on the daily challenges or stressors we may face during this time.

As an herbalist, I have also been supporting many clients with herbal formulas both to treat Covid itself, or to help support the system before and after the injection. It is incredible to witness the power of plant medicine to treat this illness. If you have not yet had an herbal evaluation with me, feel free to reach out, or consult with a local Acupuncturist/Herbalist in your area who can help you or a loved one.

This year has been incredibly hard for so many. And now that things seem to be shifting and getting back to a "new normal," a lot of anxiety and fear is showing up as well. I want to honor that reality. In a way, we have been through a collective trauma. Take your time getting back to yourself, walk more in nature, and most importantly, listen to your instincts. Try to remember that living in a state of fear will also diminish your innate immune response and will also deplete your life force.

* Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are having a difficult time deciding whether or not receiving the injection is best for your body. There is so much conflicting information out there. Like all medical procedures, it is vital that you have Informed Consent from your medical provider (read: are given the pharmaceutical package insert, informed of alternative therapies (i.e. homeoprophylaxis), and also told of any potential adverse reactions). It is an individual choice, and it takes great courage to speak up and out and ask questions.

Big Love,