Glory Glory Breadalleluia!

Never thought I would be into bread again.  Ever.  For three years I didn’t touch the stuff, swore off of it, anytime I ate it, I would get super sick and sad and pissed all at once.  

Until now.  After going to France for my honeymoon, I realized that eating bread doesn’t mean war.  I know, I know, it was risky what I did.  But I knew I didn’t have Celiac and the rumors I kept hearing about ‘flour being different over there,’ left me salivating over croissants, baguettes, and everything doughy.  So I took the plunge.

And boy, am I glad I did.  It has left me on a conquest for getting to the bottom of the bread dilemma.  But it has furthered my question asking too. Is it really the gluten? Or is it possibly the yeast? 20 million Americans report a gluten allergy/sensitivity or intolerance.  Commercial yeast does, afterall, triple the amount of gluten in the bread.  For awhile I thought maybe that was the answer.  So I started sprouting my own yeast. Afterall, using wild yeast amplifies the lacto-bacillis (the good bacteria for the gut) in the bread, so that must be it.  Nope, that was a part of the puzzle, but I am still not satisfied. Perhaps it is the potassium bromide that is added to many commercial breads in this country and has been outlawed in lost of the world because it is a known carcinogen and depletes iodine from the system.

Now, that had me wondering.  And it still does.  So that is where I will begin.  Tackling the bromine conundrum.  

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