Do You Believe in Bread Miracles?

It’s almost Christmas.  And it is around this time that I am continuously reminded of what I am most grateful for.  And beyond the obvious — my life, my wonderful husband, my family, my dog — I am also most thankful for a little bread company called Bezian Bread. I discovered Jack Bezian when I came back from France.  I was spending any and all free hours I had sitting at my computer, typing away, trying to locate a bread maker similar to those in the French countryside.  Similar in that I could eat bread that actually had gluten in it, and not get sick.  I was unconvinced that it was even possible in this country, until I discovered Bezian Breads.

To me, it was like finding the Holy Grail.

So what is so special about Jack’s bread?  Well, like I have mentioned before in other posts, his breads undergo a long fermentation process.  Sometimes he lets them go for up to a month.  This puts sourdough on a whole other level.  His main argument is that the longer the fermentation process, the healthier the bread.  Sounds too good to be true.  Bread that is actually healthy for you?  But wait a minute! A lot of people says that gluten is bad; that carbs are the enemy; that they slow down the brain function and can make you fat!

Not so, says Jack.  And I agree.  I have been eating his bread now for about 3 months, and I can attest to the richness of the sourdough.  I know that each and every loaf is chock-full of healthy probiotics, that my belly is being healed just by eating a slice (or 4) a day! When I was gluten free, I wasn’t getting enough nutrients from the GF breads or carbs I was eating…my hair was falling out, I was too thin, I did not have sustainable energy like I do now.  I was experiencing the first signs of malnutrition and I made a conscious decision that in order to prevent osteoporosis or other chronic diseases, I had to get to the bottom of it. I hesitated at first, just like I did in France.  I took a small bite and waited for the belly pain to start.  But I was optimistic because I read so many testimonials from other people who also have a gluten intolerance and were able to eat this bread.  I am telling you, it is a bread miracle! There are nearly 20 million people in this country with a gluten/wheat allergy/intolerance and someone has to get to the bottom of it!

So, where can you find this delicious bread?  Farmer’s Markets in Pasadena, Hollywood, and Santa Monica only.  Jack has been making bread since the 60’s and it is through the markets of Southern California that he shares his knowledge and his hearty bread. So if you don’t live in the area, I suggest making friends with someone who does, and have them ship it to you.  Sounds daunting and a little bit tedious, but trust me, it is worth it.  Most people stock up since they cannot get it on a daily basis. Lord knows I do not have time to make my own bread every day, so Jack’s bread is a helpful addition to my weekly staple!

So — how does it all work?  Simply put — the longer the fermentation process, the less overall gluten, and the more healthy bacteria (or lactobacillus in this case) for the gut.  And the process yields all kinds of great nutrients — it becomes rich in B vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins C and E.  And it is because of the fatty acid strains, that these nutrients become bioavailable (making the body capable of synthesizing the healthy benefits).  This bread is medicinal.

Check out his website for more info.  Make sure to watch the videos and learn more about this Miracle Bread!!

Oh, and p.s. I am still not 100% convinced that it is indeed the actual ‘gluten’ that is making a lot of people sick.  And Jack’s breads are just one more confirmation of this…more on this in a later post! Happy reading!

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